Slip Knot

Slip Knot
March 08, 2020

A slip knot creates a loop of yarn which can be easily loosened and tightened by tugging on the working yarn.

It is an extremely common technique in both knitting and crochet for starting a project. In crochet, a slip knot forms the first stitch in a crochet chain. In knitting, a slip knot is used to form the first stitch in most (but not all!) traditional cast ons.

To form a slip knot, hold the yarn with the tail end to your left. Loop the yarn over top of itself.

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Reach through the loop and grab the working yarn . Pull a loop of this yarn through the first loop.

Now pull on the tail and the working yarn at the same time in order to tighten the knot. You have made a slip knot! To tighten, tug on the working yarn. Tug on the loop to loosen.

Knitting Tip
When you place your slip knot on the needle, make sure it is oriented correctly! The working yarn should be closest to the tip of the needle.
Slipstitch on needle

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